With all of the news about Pending Sales reports, Annualized Sales, etc, is certainly important, it's nice sometimes to take a step back and look at the raw numbers. Home prices and sales have certainly been less-than-stellarfor a few years, butthose statistics can sometimes create the illusion that no homes are selling.

In the United States, about 14,000 homes are sold every day. That's the average of the annual sales in our country, according to the National Association of Realtorcredit Coldwell Banker blog). Today, more than 14,000 homes will sell (summer and early fall sales are higher than average).

Home Buyers

3,000 of those 14,000 homes will be sold to investors. 11,000 of those homes will be sold to regular people buying their primary residence. People getting married, graduating from college, relocating for work, having children, moving closer to family, getting promoted, inheriting money, and retiring to a new location are all buying homes.

We'd certainly all like to see the real estate market start booming again and have our home prices start to appreciate. For today, though, it's worthwhile to keeptomorrow's home salesin perspective. 14,000 well-priced, well-marketed homes are selling every day.

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