Free REALTOR® Videos

We started creating videos recently that explain the process of working with a REALTOR®.  Lots of folks who saw it requested their own copy of the video.

So, we thought we would just create a free personal version for any REALTORS® who wanted to use them.

Why?  Because we're advocates for the REALTOR® brand, and want our members and the public to know.

To get your own copy with your own branding, you have to follow a few rules:

What We Do:

  1. Create a customized video for you, your team, or your office
  2. Include your company name and contact information
  3. Post it on YouTube and send you the code to embed it into your website


What You Agree To By Submitting a Video Request:

  1. Maintain REALTOR® membership.
  2. Supply a legal and accurate company name and contact information.
  3. Attest that it is your responsibility to verify that every piece of information in this video is accurate for your market.
  4. Wherever you share the video, please credit with a quick link, i.e.:
    Video courtesy of Seattle Homes Group
    (In effect, you're helping our website out in return for the video)


To get your video, simply send us an email and make sure we have:

  • Name -- Agent/Company, Agent/Team, Just Company Name, please be specific
  • Phone Number
  • Website

Send your requests to Sam (at) time will vary based on how busy we are doing our real jobs. ;)