Take a trip through time
Home building styles in the Seattle area have evolved over the years.  This is by no means a complete list of all styles available, nor are the timeframes exact.  The following homes should, however, give you a good framework for understanding the most popular home styles in Seattle over the past century.  

Queen Anne - Victorian

These are elegant homes, decorated with detailed ornamentation, turrets, and intricate moldings.

Seattle Box - Four Square

Large boxy homes with seats in the bay windows, and large porches.

Craftsman Bungalow - Arts and Crafts

These homes are identified by their covered porches with heavy posts, simple trim stacked trim, and large eaves overhanging the home.

Dutch Colonial - Farmhouse

The unique four-piece roofline is a colonial hallmark, as well as shutters, and heavy moldings.


Steep clean roof lines, arches, coved celings, mahogany trim, and leaded glass round out the tudor's attributes.

Cape Cod

These homes became more subdued, with beveled siding and softly sloped roof lines.


With walls of windows, vaulted ceilings, indoor-outoor spaces, and carports, mid-centuries exude a vintage ambience.

Stark 60s Modern

In the 1960s, builders went simple, with little or no ornamentation, and nearly flat roofs.


Split-level homes dominated the 1970s, with separate living spaces and room to spread out for families with children or guests.

NW Contemporary - Minimalist

Builders became simple, functional, and economical in expanding the NW style of homes during the '80s.

Post Modernism

Abandoning traditional style for personalization and differentiation, most '90s homes take some features from many time periods but have their own unique look.

2000 and beyond
Craftsman-Modern Hybrid

With high end electronics and architectural style, modern homes are also incorporating craftsman touches for a more intimate feel.