Lilli Ann Carey

Lilli Ann Carey

(206) 718-1858

Hello Everyone,

Just so you know, I don’t consider myself a “salesperson.“ In fact, I simply don’t understand the “thrill of the kill.”
Instead, I have clients and customers who have wants and needs — and those just happen to be around buying and selling homes or learning to dance. The question is always, what are their goals and how do we get there efficiently and intelligently, ideally enjoying the process. Whether I am selling or listing real estate or teaching dance classes, the focus is what makes sense to my customers — where do they want to go and what do they need to know to get there? I can help with that.

— Lilli Ann


"Lilli Ann was very responsive when I was looking for a home. We had several visits to a couple of places so she knew what I would like. Then several weeks later she called and said "I found it". And I've never looked back. It has been perfect. That whole process was very smooth. I wouldn't hesitate a bit to have her again if I needed her services." — Paul Bullard

"Lilli Ann ran me all over Seattle looking for the PERFECT house for us...and we FOUND it! This was years ago and upon resale many years later, we sold it in ONE day for above ask!!! She is one smart realtor. Thanks Lilli Ann!" — Laura and Allen

Work with Lilli Ann

Because no matter how easy or hard the transaction, she’ll be in your corner. She listens and knows stuff. She has a broad range of experience with varying properties and has the skills to negotiate for you and work through the many pieces of the transaction. And her customers like her because, over and over again, they got what they needed and ended up feeling like they had friend who also was a real estate broker, one who for 22 years has been an agent, broker, a designated broker, and is currently licensed as a managing broker. Experience matters.

Lilli Ann Knows the Area

Lilli Ann has sold single family homes and condos in Snohomish, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Bellevue, Cle Elum, Mercer Island, and Seattle. If you have a need, she’ll help with personalized service and if she doesn’t know something, she’ll tell you and find out. As a life-long resident in the area, chances are she know things about where you’d like to live.